About Paramedical Services

Paramedical Services was founded in 1991 with the vision of providing quality medical care and customer service to the community and corporate clients with an improved standard of education in pre-hospital care, on site medical response, sporting and industrial medical support, Work Injury Response Service (WIRS) and non-emergency patient transport.

Paramedical Services employs highly trained and certified EMT's, paramedics, intensive care paramedics and other medical professionals. All EMT’s hold (as a minimum) the Certificate IV in Healthcare (Ambulance) and Paramedics must hold a Diploma in Paramedical Science or the Bachelor of Health Science (Pre-Hospital) or its equivalent. With a fleet of specially equipped ambulances and state-of-the-art communications, Paramedical Services responds to calls in NSW and South Australia.

As an industry leader in pre-hospital medical services for close to 25 years, Paramedical Services has a number of attributes that set it apart from other providers:

  • Paramedical Services currently operates a fleet of ambulances across two states.
  • Paramedical Services is a non-subsidized, financially responsible private entity.
  • Paramedical Services is an active participant in a wide variety of state and national emergency medical services and resuscitation committees that support the development of the pre-hospital industry.
  • Paramedical Services has provided private ambulance services in NSW for over 20 years, longer than any other private ambulance provider.
  • Paramedical Services has established a Quality Assurance/Improvement process to ensure its services are provided in a quality manner Paramedical Services is ISO 9001:2016 certified.
  • Paramedical Services utilizes a Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) based Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) system to aid our coordinators in sending the closest available ambulance to Work Injury Response Services (WIRS) and Non-Emergency Patient Transport (NEPT) calls and
  • Paramedical Services provides its services according to state guidelines and standards.

The company has a long history of providing services to the community promoting safety and awareness; health education programs; and participation in disaster management scenarios with major manufacturers, mining, energy and infrastructure (EMI) organizations and key clients. Paramedical Services has worked with the following organisations: