How First Aid Ready is your workplace?

With more than 25 years of experience in the pre-hospital medical care sector, Paramedical Services understand the importance of compliance to WH&S requirements, as well as creating bespoke injury management plans for the workplace. 

Our customised strategy can incorporate world-class first aid training, advanced medical equipment and first aid kits, on-site injury triage and non-emergency ambulance transport. We also liaise third party providers like the emergency services.

Go beyond your responsibilities

The Workplace Code of Practice recommends having 1 first aider for every 50 workers in low-risk workplace; and 1 first aider for every 25 workers in a high-risk workplace.

Fortunately, work related injury is on the decline. Only 53 injuries per 1,000 people employed in 2009-10, compared to 64 injuries per 1,000 people in 2005-06. Ensuring compliance and having the best contingency system in place is essential to keep your workplace safe.

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